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  • Am I able to sell my flat after a year occupation?
  • What are the effects with the HDB Loan Eligibility Letter?
  • What are the effects with the Housing Loan To Limit?
  • What are the effects with the Removal of IAS & IOL w.e.f. 14/09/09?
  • What are the new changes of the Deferred Payment Scheme?
  • What are the new changes of the Minimum Occupation Period?
  • What are the new changes of the HDB Room/Flat Rental Scheme?
  • What is the new Holding Period for imposition of Sellerís Stamp Duty?
  • What is the new Holding Requirement for Conveyancing Money?
  • What is the new Income Ceiling for Citizen Singles & Couples?
  • What is the new Penalty Rates for imposition of Sellerís Stamp Duty?
  • What is the new Minimum Valuation Limit payable in Cash?
  • How does the new ruling of Due Diligence Check affect me?
  • How does the new ruling of SPR Ethnic Quota affect me?
  • How much is my property Worth in today's market?
  • How much Cash Proceeds can i keep after sale?
  • How much more do i need to pay for Additional Buyerís Stamp Duty?
  • How much to set aside in CPF Ordinary & Special Accounts when I'm 55?
  • How can I qualify for Concurrent Ownership of HDB & Private Home?
  • How can I qualify for the Half CPF Housing Grant of $20,000 / $25,000?
  • How can I qualify for the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant of $80,000?
  • How can I qualify for the Proximity Housing Grant of $15,000 / $30,000? New
  • How can I qualify for the Lease Buyback Scheme Grant of $10,000?
  • How can I qualify for the Singles Scheme CPF Housing Grant of $25,000?
  • How can I upgrade and still cash out up to $100,000?
  • How can I sell my flat and buy another flat without using any Cash?
  • How can I lower down my Existing Housing Loan?
  • Should I apply Bridging Loan or Contra?
  • Should I Sell or Buy a flat first?
  • Should I Upsize or Downsize my flat in today's market?
  • Should I have a change of Location of my flat?
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  • Seeking an ideal dream house is not as 'EZ' (Easy) as 'ABC', but Novan Property Network
    can give you the full assistance to do so.
  • Novan Property Network handles with Assignment, Leasing & Sales related to Residential
    HDB, Private (Apartment, Condominium, Townhouse), Landed (Bungalow, Clusterhouse,
    Semi-Detached, Inter-Terrace, Corner-Terrace), Commercial (Office, Shop) & Industrial
    (Factory, Warehouse) Property.
  • Novan Property Network offers professional matching services according to individual
  • If you belong to any of the following category, please feel free to contact us NOW for a
    non-obligation discussion;
    - Are you a buyer, seeking for a house and needs some professional property guidance;
    - Are you a seller, or thinking of selling your house and needs some professional property
    - Are you a landlord, thinking of leasing out your room or house;
    - Are you a tenant, looking for an ideal lodging location;
    - Are you a businessman, looking to invest for capital gains;
    - Are you an entrepreneur, seeking for career opportunity in real estate;
    - Are you a professional, seeking for extra income;
    - Are you a realtor, seeking for a better company, division or support?
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