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Arrow Commercial Mastery Programme (CMP) - For New & Experienced Agents

Commercial Mastery Programme (CMP)

Commercial Mastery Programme (CMP) is a course where you discover the systematic way
to jumpstart your commercial real estate business with the fundamentals, proven techniques,
essential network and a clear action plan.

Arrow Customer Win/Win Programme (CWP) - For New Agents

Customer Win/Win Programme (CWP)

Customer Win-Win Programme focuses on after sales service and following up with clients.
The objective is to create win/win agreements with clients.

Arrow Pricing Mastery Programme (PMP) - For New & Experienced Agents

Pricing Mastery Programme (PMP)

Pricing Mastery Programme is a course that teaches agents how to convince clients on
getting their prices right through factual data, statistics and graph trends, and to bridge the
gap between buyers and sellers through quantitative analysis.

Arrow Project Ultimate Programme (PUP) - For New & Experienced Agents

Project Ultimate Programme (PUP)

Project Ultimate Programme (PUP) is a course where you will learn how to market project
based on statistics and comparisons techniques instead of just pure emotional selling.

Arrow Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course - For New Agents

Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course

Under the new regulatory regime administered by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA),
one of the registration criteria for individuals aspiring to be real estate salespersons is
that they must pass the CEA's Real Estate Salesperson (RES) examination or have equivalent
qualification. This is to ensure that those intending to do estate agency work are well qualified,
professionally competent and be able to work effectively in the real estate industry. Equally
important is that they must uphold good ethical standards.

Arrow Sales Mastery Programme (SMP) - For New & Experienced Agents

Sales Mastery Programme (SMP)

Sales Mastery Programme is a course designed to help agents master the skill of listing
presentation, overcome objections effectively and efficiently, and learn powerful closing
techniques to seal the deals. Participants will be taught how to get exclusive listings through
step-by-step listing presentation preparation and training, as well as how to achieve at least
2% commission consistently.

Arrow Real Estate Acceleration Programme (REAP) - For New Agents

Real Estate Acceleration Programme

Real Estate Acceleration Programme is designed to prepare ALL new real estate
salesperson on their venture into the real estate industry. This course covers mostly on
the sales aspects of the real estate business. Trainees will be able to apply the skills
and knowledge into their new career. With this REAP course, trainees are expected to
start their real estate career with a clear mind and direction.

Arrow Agency Leader Development Programme (ALDP) - For Experienced Agents

Agency Leader Development Programme (ALDP)

Agency Leader Development Programme is a training course specially developed to
prepare competent agents to become agency leaders. The course focuses on recruiting
and forming a team, as well as imparting leadership and coaching skills.

Arrow Operation Elites Programme (OEP) - For Experienced Agents

Operation Elites Programme (OEP)

Operation Elites is a course designed for agency leaders with the focus on effective team
building, management styles and tools for activities tracking of associates.

Arrow Recruitment Mastery Programme (RMP) - For Experienced Agents

Recruitment Mastery Programme (RMP)

Recruitment Mastery Programme is a training course designed for Team Managers and
Team Leaders to master the skills of forming an effective team, through recruitment
procedures and techniques to engage the team.

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